Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up

We have had a fun, relaxing weekend. Evie loves dogs so we headed out to a local dog show. It was amazing seeing so many dogs in one spot. Evie was not impressed with all the blow dryers. Some of those dogs were super groomed. I even saw a can of whitening spray next to one dog. It was a fun morning looking at sweet dogs.

We came home for a little playtime. Evie got to show off her Nana and Ipop to her boys and their parents. They all had fun running around the yard together!

Evie crashed at nap time. Carl and I ran out to test drive a new car while my parents stayed with Evie. We loved being out in the middle of the day together. That is a rare treat these days.

We played outside a bit after nap time and then grilled some chicken for dinner. Nana loved her birthday cake from Puffy Muffin. It was delicious and pink so Evie approved.

We stayed up way too late and morning came way too soon. It was time to celebrate Nana's birthday. She had a BIG birthday. Evie said she turned 2 so we will just go with that number.
Nana got an iPad from my Dad. We got her 60 gifts since she was turning 60. Oops, don't tell that she turned 60. I made a coffee cake from Valsolcal and it was quite tasty.

We went out for brunch and Evie devoured her waffle. She loves all things breakfast that involve syrup. Evie was not interested in napping but did amazingly well without her nap. She had some extra playmates to keep her occupied.

I made barbecue for dinner . . . another Valsocal recipe and it was so good. Evie entertained us all after dinner. She is the star of the show for sure!

Happy Birthday, Mom! We are so glad you came to celebrate with us. I will post pictures and edit tomorrow.


  1. So glad you're enjoying your parents. Can't wait to hear what kind of cars you're checking out.

  2. I love the idea of the number of gifts for the cute :) Jim's mom got 60 cards when she turned 60 but we should have thought of the 60 gifts!!

    Glad you had a great weekend with your parents! I love going out with Jim by ourselves in the middle of the day too...such a luxury!

  3. That cake is gorgeous!!! Little P would have loved the dog show too!


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