Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Evie's Own Self"

My goodness, Evie is full of personality these days. She has become Miss Independent which is normal but hard on the Mama! I hear the following all day: Evie's own self, I do it, I got it, Evie's turn, self and other variations. I love that she is so interested in doing things herself but she wants to do everything from putting herself in her car seat, to pouring her own juice, and even putting the dishwasher tablet in for me. Needless to say, it takes a lot more time and patience to complete even the smallest task.

  We have had a low-key few days. It has been cold and rainy so we have mostly stayed in the house. I have been working on projects and cleaning out closets. Evie has really mastered the art of closet cleaning. She is able to transfer things to the keep, trash and give away piles all by herself with just a bit of direction. Of course, she got bored after a bit so she entertained herself by climbing onto my bed and then jumping down to the stool. She repeated this little game approximately 50 times. Then, she decided to brush her teeth and play in the sink. Water went everywhere because she plugged the drain but left the water on. OOPS! Oh well, that is what towels are for but she was quite concerned that the "water fell." I LOVE to hear her say "fell" because she is so Southern and that makes me so happy! Nap time was a breeze after all of this activity.

    We had a fun afternoon playing in her brother's closet with a flashlight. She loves the dark. Carl even had the idea to place her turtle in there to project stars onto the walls and ceilings. We went through the HUGE bin if clothes from Courtney. Baby Boy is set for at least the first six months of his life and she shared the good stuff. I LOVE hand-me downs! Campbell taught Evie how to make dinosaur sounds so I got lots of renditions of her new skill this afternoon.

We read books and Evie loves to turn the pages herself - imagine that!  She says, "AMEN" at the end of every book and also uses "AMEN" when I ask her to say, "yes ma'am." It seems to be an all-purpose word for her similar to the word "out" that she used to say all day long. We were walking in the parking lot yesterday and Evie was reciting her usual phrase, "cars hit" to me and I told her they would squash her like a pancake. She laughed hysterically and said, "that funny Mommy."  No, Evie you are the funny one and you keep me laughing!


  1. Hilarious! Love that second picture of evie-her face is priceless! She is going to be such a wonderful helper when baby brother is here!
    I love that she says "amen" at the end of books :)

  2. I love the second photos - haahhaaa! Evie is such a cutie.

  3. Too cute!! Reminds me of a story of Allison when she was young. She went up to my dad and said, "I do it myself!" When he asked her repeatedly what she was going to do "herself" she just replied with "I DO IT MYSELF" getting more and more frustrated. Turns out, she wanted to get into the candy jar herself and knew that if she told him, he wouldn't let her!


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