Thursday, March 31, 2011

Life with a 2 Year Old!

Evie is a busy, independent girl these days. I thought it was hard before but it's getting harder as she develops more opinions. She keeps me on my toes and we have a ball most of the day.

Evie was very concerned about the carpet man at our house this morning. Her toys were missing and mommy was running around moving things out of the way. Our carpet needed major help since it had been almost a year since it was cleaned. Carl and I decided that after the painting was done would be a good time to have it cleaned. I am really impressed. Try Professional Carpet Systems if you live in Nashville. It looks so much better! He told me not to get new carpet until all my kids are 5. Evie asked John if he was a Daddy and then told him she had her own Daddy.

Evie is infatuated with "workers" and talks about them all the time even demanding that I sing songs to her about workers. Those are some funny songs! Our neighborhood recently paved the main road and it has been an ongoing project so Evie has made it her mission to keep an eye on the workers. She says, "Evie's workers work" as we drive by each morning. Oh dear, I would be so embarrassed if she said that to someone in our house.

Evie had school and I ran a few errands. I think my office is finished with the painting part of the project. It needs to dry a few days before I put anything in there but it's coming around. Painting with a belly is a lot more difficult than I imagined it to be and I ended up with paint in my hair multiple times.

Evie was sitting on her teacher's lap when I picked her up just rocking away practically asleep. She loves going to school now and enjoys reading books about school too.We came home for lunch and a little playtime before nap. Evie thought John did a great job on her room. She spun around her room shouting pretty.

After nap, we headed to The Porter's house for playtime and dinner. Evie talked about Jacob and Anna all the way there. Anna and Nana sound pretty similar so it was a pretty easy transition. They gave Baby Boy a precious outfit with a lion on it. I am really getting excited about our baby now that it is getting closer and as him room begins to come together.

Evie was getting fussy before we left and ate not one bite of her delicious dinner. By the time, we got home she had three fits. She wanted to close her own door to the car, swing in the baby swing that Kristin lent us and then broke the diaper genie trying to get her own diaper in there. We had a serious discussion about how Mommy is in charge and that I have to help her do things so she does not get hurt. Bedtime is always a sweet time no matter how the rest of the day went. I love reading books, singing songs and rocking my little girl. It's time for bed so I can grow some patience because it certainly comes in handy while dealing with Evie.

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  1. i love all your evie stories - she is a hoot!
    i know how you is exhausting sometimes being the momma to a very opinionated little girl. we are having a difficult time right now, because libbi wants to be SO independent, but she doesn't understand that there are some things she just cannot do all by herself. She screamed and cried the entire way home from the grocery store yesterday because she wanted to "walk" not "ride" in the car. i tried to explain that we can't walk home from the store, but she would have none of it!


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