Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Good Moms

Evie and I headed out to Moms Together this morning. She was the first one in her class and that did not go over too well with her. Her mood quickly changed when she found out that she'd be making a boat. I enjoyed my group. We learned about cleaning naturally and being our own mommy. Not trying to be the kind of mother that we had or trying to be like our SIL or best friend. Lots of things to ponder! I loved the quote of the day and especially since one of our topics was on cleaning house.

Quote of the Day:

" Good moms have sticky floors, dirty ovens and happy kids."

I love it! My floors are always sticky and my oven is definitely dirty but Evie sure is happy.

Lent began today. We are doing 40 Days of Love at our house. Each day, we will tell each other one reason why we love them. I told Evie that I love her because she has developed a love for reading books! That makes me so happy! I told Carl that I love him for going to work every day,  and working hard for our family. He NEVER complains and has such a good attitude.  I appreciate him giving me the opportunity to stay home with our daughter. We will keep most of these to ourselves but I read about this idea today and thought it was worth sharing in case anyone else wanted to try this with their family.  I really wanted us to give up electronics but that idea did not go over so well at my house. Oh well, this is way better!

I am also doing 40 Days, 40 Bags which is so exciting for me! I have lots of junk stuff that needs clearing out before we inundate ourselves with more baby stuff. Carl's closet is one of my first places that needs some work. Carl found a pair of pants that he has not worn since 1999. He has moved nearly 10 times since 1999 but kept moving them along from house to house. I'll help him out so he can find clothes a little more quickly in the mornings. Evie's room is probably the most organzied in the house which works out well since she is about to move to my office. That will be an easy move! Our attic needs lots of work along with the garage. I cannot wait to have less clutter taking up space in my house.

   Congratulations to my sweet friend Susan and her husband Pat on the birth of their gorgeous son, John Hudson. Jack is one handsome boy and I am so excited for the Reilly's as they begin this wonderful adventure called parenthood. They will be fabulous!!! I am hoping Susan takes good notes for me since I can barely remember Evie being a tiny baby. Welcome to the World, Jack! I cannot wait to meet you.


  1. i LOVE that quote....i think i need to have it made into a banner or a tshirt or something! :)
    i am doing the 40 bags in 40 days, too! i wrote about it in my post today and then deleted and decided to save it for another day ;)
    i was inspired by "clover lane" - hopefully i can put this nesting to good use before i get too big! i cleaned out libbi's room today and we even dropped off things at goodwill - i couldn't believe i actually did it! :)

  2. Love that quote!!!! That's a great one. We are also inspired by your 40 days of love and I think we will do the same! Great pics of Evie as always.

  3. I am going to put that quote on my blog one day soon...if you do not mind! Oh, that is soooooo how I feel! I think it is wonderful what you guys are doing! We all could praise the one's we love more! I would love to give up electronics at my house, too, but seeing that Flint has an internet business and that he is addicted to SportsCenter and ESPN, that would NEVER fly at my house! I love Evie's pink outfit!

  4. It's a constant struggle for me to remember that a clean house does not a happy child (or husband!) make. I love a clean house, but love Molly more. ;)

    Love your Lent activity! I'm giving up sweets. Of course there was a huge bowl of peanut butter m and m's that I had to resist at playgroup yesterday. The first few days are the hardest.


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