Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Frisbee Fun!

Evie and I took our time getting ready this morning before running a few errands. We came home and played outside a little. Evie rode her new "cycle" and kicked the ball a little.

  I had a hard time getting her to settle down for her nap but she finally fell asleep. I woke her up around 4:30 so we could get her to bed early tonight. Carl got home early again. We are trying to enjoy this because his travel schedule will be picking up in the spring. Evie wanted to play with her new Frisbee so we walked to the park. She had a ball throwing her Frisbee and catching it. It was so funny to see her really enjoying herself and using the Frisbee correctly.

   Evie walked most of the way home so we pushed the stroller. Carl grilled delicious burgers for dinner and we played on the hammock. We had not been in the backyard since my parents were here and Evie kept talking about her Nana. She remembered that Nana found an old sock stuck under the tree and played ball with her. Our house had three boys living here before we moved in and occasionally we find little reminders of them such as socks outside, names written in closets and recipes stuck between the drawers in the kitchen. They lived here for 15 years so they had a lot of wonderful memories. Carl just saw Leesa the other day when she was dropping her son off at the neighbors - the one who wrote his name in the closet in Evie's new room. I love all those little things. It makes me feel like this is a real home!


  1. Evie looks like she is having a blast! Too cute! And you're looking great :)

    The paint color in Aubrey's room is a Lowes paint. The brand is Olympic and the color is called "Tuscan Pink." It's a sweet pink in person. Not too loud or "in your face" :)

  2. Uncle Turtle might need a frisbee like Evies!

  3. The boys are loving these pictures of Evie! They are glued to my lap saying "more Evie, more Evie"! Looks like a fun day and I will be purchasing a frisbee today, ha! Is there anything y'all do that we don't copy?=)

  4. It sounds so wonderful! We are enjoying our warmer weather, too. We played outside most of the afternoon yesterday and Cilla had a hard time settling down, which resulted in no nap!
    I love all of your pictures! Especially the dog show pics! How FUN!

  5. I love that frisbee :) cute pictures.


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