Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tumultuous Tuesday

Evie sure gives us a run for her money. Her moods change like the wind. I love how she can be mad as a hornet one second and happy as can be the next moment. In the middle of a fit, I can say something that appeals to her and she immediately perks right up forgetting the urgent problem that existed only moments before.

We had a nice morning at home. Evie discovered that the printer was really fun and kept trying to catch the papers as they flew out the printer. She played in her kitchen and found a little kitty toy. Evie is obsessed with cats but will not be getting one.

We went out to lunch with some friends since it is spring break and all of our kiddos are home with us. Chuy's is our favorite spot. Yummy. It is always a bit chaotic going out to lunch with three kids but we had a fun lunch. Logan is getting a baby brother soon so Evie could get a few tips from him the next time we see them.

Evie decided it would be so much fun to swing her baby doll. It occupied her pretty well until the swing hit her in the face. She likes to be pushed from the back and thought her baby preferred that too. Pushing the baby from the front made much more sense to Evie after she got wacked in the face.

Carl got home in time for a walk around the neighborhood. Evie loved seeing a baby squirrel along the way. I cooked dinner and Carl tried to entertain Evie. Carl told Evie she looked like a pilgrim last night when she tried on her new dress and today he told her the same dress was too revealing! Pretty funny stuff! Our sweet girl is in Mommy mode and wants me for everything. It is going to be interesting around here when Baby Boy arrives on the scene.


  1. i think her dress is cute! and libbi's moods change almost as quickly and dramatically as mine do these days :)
    hope you're still feeling good! any progress on the name/nursery front?

  2. I laughed out loud when I saw the title of your post, HA!! Crazy Tuesday... Tomorrow will surely be better:)


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