Thursday, March 3, 2011


Checking out Bentley, the dog while holding her baby and purse.

"Okay, mom, you can take my picture."

Evie loves her Easter eggs and is ready to celebrate another holiday - a few weeks early!

Her first bowl of Ben and Jerry's ice-cream! Of course, she loved it especially with her Lilly spoon.
Evie and I had a wonderful day! Thursdays are always good though because she gets to go to school and have fun with her friends while I go have fun by myself. Evie was so excited to show off the "Evie tails" to her teachers and they knew just what she was talking about when she told them.

  I had a nice morning running errands and even had time for a quick stop at a Matilda Jane trunk show. It was good to see everyone and I bought Evie a precious little lemon dress. Can't wait to get it!

Evie seemed like such a big girl when I picked her up. She was building a castle but when she saw me she came running to the gate. Usually, I lift her over the gate but she wanted to open the gate herself and she started walking down the hall. It's amazing how quickly they change! I love all the conversations that we are having these days. Some of them are pretty funny and I am still amazed at her memory. She talked all the way home from school about our picnic and about "Evie's Nana." Her boys went to visit their Nana and Evie wants to be sure they are not visiting her Nana.

It was a gorgeous day perfect for a picnic with my little girl. We had a great time playing in the backyard. She had her grocery cart, baby stroller, hula hoop, purse and two babies outside with along with a lawnmower and a drum.  Evie LOVES her hula hoop. We hopped in and out of the hoop for the longest time. She had a blast and so did I. Evie was banging on her drum singing Jesus Loves Me when we decided to go inside.

   It was naptime but Evie had other plans. She continued with her singing, took her shirt off two times, used her blanket as a tent and tried out a new hairstyle. It's so hysterical watching her when she thinks that I am not able to see her. She was so exhausted that she fell asleep sitting up and gradually toppled over. Naptime ended at 5:00. Let's hope this does not become a habit. That girl loves to sleep just like her Mommy.

   Carl is on his way back from South Carolina. He had to make a quick trip for work. Quick as in less than 24 hours in the state that is nearly 6 hours away. I am sure he is exhausted but he was able to see his parents while he was there and had a meeting. Evie will be so excited to see him in the morning. She cried when she woke up this morning and found out that her Daddy was not home. It was pretty sweet to see her searching for him in our bed.


  1. Your Evie is so adorable! I can't stand it! I love her pigtails. Where did you find the "big sister evie" shirt? i need to order one!

  2. okay....we LOVE matilda jane! (and when i saw "we" i mean libbi and me - definitely not jeffrey - ha!) the best thing about it is that it lasts FOREVER! we have so many dresses that have now become shirts and lots of pants that have turned into capris so we get at least 2 seasons out of them. libbi has some tops that she started wearing at around 9 months old and can still wear to this day! what is the name of the dress you got?


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