Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Playdates, Park and Potty!

Evie and I had a really fun day together! It started off a bit crazy while preparing for a play date at our house. Evie is very routine oriented just like her Mama. She knows we watch Super Why, read the paper and drink our tea in the morning. We do not make muffins or clean bathrooms. Evie wanted me to sit in my seat and be with her. We finally got ready after I burned a batch of muffins. OOPS! Luckily, I made a quiche and fruit salad too. Although I have decided Krispy Kreme doughnuts are on the menu for the next time. Our kids are all over the place so it's a bit hard to balance quiche and coffee at the same time. Moms are always going to choose coffee over quiche! Evie loved having all her friends over and did a great job sharing all her toys.

We played outside after everyone left to enjoy the gorgeous day. Evie napped and I cleaned up the destruction that occurs during play dates with 2 year olds. Carl came home to change clothes quickly because had a dinner meeting downtown. Evie and I headed to the park to play. We had so much fun playing outside. Evie is going to be sad when I cannot go down the slide or sit on the dinosaurs anymore with her.

We decided to get some gas since we were near Costco and then headed to the mall for a few quick errands. The mall was packed with people waiting to hear Jennette McCurdy sing. I have never heard of her but it seemed like she had a pretty big following tonight. Evie and I ate Subway together and then we picked out cookies. Evie wanted a pink cookie but they did not have any. She settled for a snickerdoodle. We made a quick potty break in the family bathroom. Evie decided that the little potty looked quite enticing so she asked to sit on it. Of course, she did not like it as soon as she was on it but I was thrilled to see her interest is still there.

  We came home for a little playtime before bed. Evie loves bedtime because she gets to use her "pink paste" and see her "stars" on the ceiling.


  1. Is evie reading the chasing fireflies catalog? We spent some time outside reading ours today, too! Our girls have good (and expensive!) taste;)

  2. Evie looks SO insanely cute with her hair in pigtails!!


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