Thursday, January 27, 2011

Busy Day

Evie finally was able to go back to school after a 5 week hiatus between the holidays, snow and traveling. Evie was not too thrilled at first because her teachers were not there. There was a sub but then Ms. Lori walked in which made Evie feel better. I left and heard Ms. Lori tell the sub that Evie would be just fine once she had a cookie. HA! That's my little cookie monster. I picked her up and they told me it was her best day ever. Evie entertained them with her dance moves during music class.

We went to Murfreesboro to see the Onello's. Evie must have been tuckered out from school because she fell asleep on the way before lunch. She perked right up when she saw Abby. They had fun playing and NOT eating lunch. They had plenty of room for dessert. We had a great time.Evie has been talking about Abby and her babies since 3:00.

Evie was geared up for some fun so we stopped at the mall on the way home. I found her a pair of fleece cupcake pj's for $5.00. Evie loves them. We came home to rest on the couch. Evie was so excited to see Carl. I made spaghetti for dinner before heading for a MNO. Looking forward to a fun weekend.

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