Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up

We left South Carolina about 1 and headed back to Nashville. Carl said it was our best trip ever but it seemed really long to me. Evie did fabulous and was entertained by her new Elmo DVD's. We both slept for a little bit and we stopped a few times along the way. We finally made it back about 6:30. Evie was happy to see her toys.

We had a very low-key weekend at home. Evie is still transitioning back to Central time. It's hard to keep her on track now that she is older when we travel to Eastern time. She was ready to nap before Noon so I represented our family at the birthday party. Evie's friend Joshua turned 1 and his mom did a great job planning his party. After the party, I made a quick Kroger run and rewarded myself with a latte from Starbuck's. I prefer shopping at Harris Teeter but tend to get swept into the shopping experience of being in a nice store. Carl took Evie on a jog and I enjoyed 45 minutes of blissful silence in my house. Our week away exhausted me too. I slept for 15 hours and it felt fabulous.

Evie slept until 8 this morning and we had a nice leisurely morning at home. I ran a few errands during Evie's nap and then we all snuggled on the couch. Evie loves to be held and snuggled still even though she is a big girl. Our neighbors invited us over for pizza tonight. Evie wanted to take each boy some "tea" boxes. They liked it! We had such a fun time and love having such wonderful neighbors. Evie loves her boys and had a blast playing with a pack of construction paper. It's the little things. She kissed them goodbye and gave Campbell a few extra smooches. She talked all about them as we walked back home.


  1. What a cute blog! Congratulations on your second baby news. When you have a moment, I'd love for you to see my blog. I'm your "newest follower."

    Have a good day,

  2. Love the new blog look! So glad ya'll had fun in Gastonia and celebrating Evie!


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