Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up!

We had a fantastic weekend. Friday seems like so long ago now but we met friends for breakfast. Then headed to a tour at another preschool. I really liked this one and can get there without even going through a traffic light! That would be so fabulous! The school is right next to the park so Evie wanted to play at the park after the tour. It was 40 degrees which seemed quite warm so we headed over for a little playtime.

   Carl and I met some friends that were in town for dinner and had such a good time! I forgot how fun it is to go out with other couples especially without the kids. We had a long, leisurely dinner and really enjoyed ourselves. I peeked in at sleeping Evie when we got home and she sat right up in the bed smiling at me with the biggest grin. She went right back to sleep and we did too.

   Saturday was a gorgeous day. Carl did some work outside and we were his audience. Evie loves to watch her Daddy but gets a little nervous about the lawnmower. She sat next to me on the grass for nearly 30 minutes just watching Carl like he was the best entertainment she had even seen.

   Today was a low-key day. Evie woke up late so we went to late church. She had fun playing in the nursery with the blocks. I made some Italian sausage soup for lunch and it was so delicious! Carl had two bowls so we did not have any leftovers. I will make that again soon. Evie took a nice long nap and I did too. We played outside for a little bit to soak up the beautiful weather.  Evie loves to kick her pink ball around in the yard.

   Evie is so much fun! We are just having a ball with her. She keeps us laughing and it is wonderful to see her personality continue to come out. Evie is a silly girl!

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  1. What will Evie's preschool schedule be like? Every day, all day? I know you have so many more options in the city than we have here, so I am eager to hear about it. I am always envious of the fun places you and Evie are able to enjoy that probably aren't too far from your house. Avery and I may need to move to the city this summer to keep her busy!


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