Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday in Sunset

We left Nashville at 8:30 and got here at 3 Central. It was not our shortest trip but it was uneventful. Evie loves watching Elmo in the car. She slept for a total of 20 minutes.

Mary and Lucy were so excited to see Evie. They had a ball running around together. Mary and Lucy dote on her which she loves. We had a nice afternoon at home. Evie opened her birthday presents. She got a new baby stroller and diaper bag for her baby from her cousins. She She and Poppy gave her a learning kitty, an adorable outfit and a book. Dinner was delicious. It was beef stew and it was the best that I have ever had so I enjoyed two helpings. Evie ran around the table during dinner but managed to choke down her cake and ice-cream. She loves her sweets.

Evie was exhausted from not napping but she hung tight with her cousins. Bedtime was a breeze and she always goes to bed easy. I cannot believe the next time that I see her she will be 2. (HA - getting her to sleep was a breeze, getting her to stay asleep - not so easy!)

Pictures will be posted later. Happy Saturday!


  1. God Bless Elmo!!! We would NEVER make it anywhere without our elmo dvd's in the car :)
    Glad y'all are having a good time....can't wait to see pictures!
    Happy Birthday to Evie!!! :)


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