Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Music Day!

Evie woke up so happy this morning and ready to read so we sat in her room reading books. She was so content reading in her chair that I had a chance to organize some drawers and put away some clothes. We finally got around to eating breakfast around 9. Evie did not eat much of anything today.

   We went to Whole Foods to see The Zinghopper's. Evie had a blast singing and dancing. She also announced that she wanted a snack as soon as we got to the bakery. Smart girl!

    Kindermusik started back today and we had a nice time. I am trying to decide if we are going to continue. Evie likes it but I feel like there are so many more things we can do now that she is older and I love not having standing commitments. We are trying another music class tomorrow with our Brentwood MOMS group so maybe it will be geared more towards active toddlers.

    Evie is starting to make lots of connections! I ordered some soap for her that Carl loves and is  IMPOSSIBLE to find in the stores. She opened it right up and said, "soap, shower" to me and was all set to hop in the shower with her Daddy. We were preparing dinner together and I was chopping veggies for the salad. I reminded her that knives are sharp and she left the room. She came back in the kitchen with her play knife and knew that they were similar. Things like this are happening all the time and are a constant reminder at how hard her brain is working at processing all the new information she is learning.

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