Sunday, January 23, 2011

Our Week in Gastonia

We had a fun week in Gastonia with my family while Carl worked about an hour away.

Monday: Evie played at home for the day with all of her new toys. My dad's sweet friend, Joie, came over for lunch and our neighbor came over to see Evie too. It was just a relaxing day at home with long naps for both of us!

 Tuesday: My mom took the day off and we took Evie to Discovery Kids in Huntersville. We were really impressed and so was Evie. It was a kids dream and they surely thought of everything. Evie loved playing in the big kitchen in the cafe and thought the water table was so much fun.  We took a lunch break and then came back for more playtime. Evie was getting tired so we headed out. She was just about asleep when she decided that she was thirsty. I had given her some chocolate milk at the restaurant but it was the kind made with syrup and that just does not work for my Evie. She was thirsty! We rode by our old house and noticed that it does not look quite as nice as it did. We almost stopped by the Hart's but I did not want to drop in unannounced! Paisley may have been napping at this time anyway.

Wednesday: We ran a few errands with Ipop to get Evie a few necessities like diapers and some new Elmo DVD's for the trip back.  We went to the park to play and enjoyed the warmer day. Evie loves to go to her castle and has been talking about it ever since. A sweet little baby came to visit Evie. Her name was Emma Grace and Evie was not so sure about her!

Thursday: We played at home all day and left after nap to go meet Lindsay and James. Evie was quite impressed with James. We went in a few stores and when I pushed her away from her friend she called for him. Evie had fun playing with all of his toys and loved her cute cupcake set that he gave her for her birthday. Evie and James are so cute together! Evie is so tall and James is so little but they just keep playing together. We put the kids to bed and had a yummy dinner of broccoli and tortellini casserole. Does anyone have a good recipe for this? We want to recreate it and Lindsay bought it from a group of women that cook for the community.

Friday: Evie slept all night at Lindsay's house! We had a delicious breakfast and the kids had a blast playing. James has lots of fun toys so I call their house Camp Lindsay. Evie became infatuated with Mac and has been talking about him ever since! We were sad to go but it was time to head back to Nashville. We packed a lot in our week!

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