Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Evie's Birthday!

Evie had an extra special birthday because she was able to spend it with both sets of grandparents! Sleeping did not go well our first night away from home. Evie was not happy that I put her in a closet. She woke up saying, "out closet" so I moved her in the room with us. That did not work either so she slept with me in a twin bed. It was so sweet at first smelling her baby smell and listening to her breathe. I love sleeping babies but the novelty wore off quickly! None of us were very rested on her birthday but we still managed to have a wonderful day celebrating Evie turning 2!

   Poppy made waffles and bacon for breakfast. Delicious! We then made a mad dash to get everything packed and all three of us ready for church. Sheshe is in the choir and she mentioned to the soloist that it was Evie's second birthday and he led the congregation in Happy Birthday. It was very special and Evie liked it a lot! Evie made it through half the service before she decided to chat rather loudly. I took her over to the market for an apple juice which perked her right up. She was so excited to see her cousins, Mary and Lucy come in after church. They played outside in the gorgeous weather. It was such a beautiful day!

   Carl's parents treated us to lunch at the club. It was yummy but Evie was exhausted from not sleeping. Carl walked around with her for most of lunch. We left and Evie was asleep by the time we got 30 minutes into our trip. She slept all the way to Gastonia which was a nice break for us all!

  Evie was excited to see her Ipop, Nana and Uncle Ben. We played for a bit before my grandmother and aunt came over for an early dinner. My mom made yummy chili, salad and cornbread. Nana made pink cupcakes for dessert. Evie was so excited to see another BIG pile of presents for her in the den. She received lots of wonderful gifts! My parents got her a wooden castle which she has enjoyed so much. My grandmother got her a beautiful white cable sweater along with an animal puzzle. My aunt bought her some much needed winter clothes and some fun new books. Evie will also be receiving her very first magazine subscription courtesy of my aunt. This will thrill Evie's little heart! She loves to read magazines and now she will have her very own! My brother's present took the cake though. It was a tent! Evie loves her tent so much and wants us all to go inside with her. Ben is really good at choosing fun presents for Evie. He also bought her a wooden cake and she has been handing out pieces all week. Evie has received so many gifts that we may need to put some away so we will have a boredom buster in the months to come.

   Evie was exhausted by this point and just could not get to sleep with all the commotion in the house. It's so stressful when your baby will not sleep. I cannot imagine going through this type of thing every night but I did not want her to cry too much since it was her birthday! Evie loves her sleep and her crib so far but she does not do well at all when she is overly tired. I finally got her to sleep about 9:30 although she woke up again around 3. Thank goodness, she is back on track now! She's been working on catching up on her lost sleep the last few days.

  We had a fantastic day celebrating Evie's second birthday with our families. Evie is loved by so many and it was special to be with everyone for her birthday.


  1. Sounds like our paths might have crossed, if ever so slightly, in Gastonia as I was just there over the weekend! So glad Evie had a fabulous birthday! Love that Ben got her a tent! So fitting for him!

  2. So glad Evie had such a special day! Sounds like she is one very loved little girl :)

    Thanks for your encouraging comment on my sleep post. You summed up my thoughts exactly on teaching our children to sleep. Jude doesn't wake Aubrey up because he is still in our room (downstairs) and her room is upstairs. That's the reason I haven't moved him to his room yet - I'm petrified that Aubrey would wake up and then we would have two children awake and crying in the middle of the night. That just might send me over the edge. Haha!

  3. Happy Birthday to a sweet little girl!


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