Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

I woke up around 3 and peeked out the window. Snow was falling and it was a beautiful winter wonderland. I woke Carl up to tell him that it was snowing. He is such a weather wacko that he did not even mind the early wake up call.

Carl went into the office for a bit. Evie and I opened the rest of her presents. She was so excited to see some new dolls and a cash register. We played for a little bit. We called our neighbors to come over for a playmate. Evie was so excited to see her boys. They played well together for the most part with very little intervention from the mommies. We actually had a chance to eat a cinnamon roll and finish a complete sentence. Amazing! We love having such sweet neighbors and it was so fun to have them trek over in the snow.

Evie napped while I worked on some notes. Carl came home and did a little shoveling. He loves cold weather and snow so he is as happy as a clam. Evie seems to take after him because she had a ball playing in the snow after we spent thirty minutes dressing her and convincing her that she needed her mittens and she could look like Courtney if she wore a scarf.

We took her for a ride on the sled, threw some snowballs and hiked around the yard. It was so cold that I came in to make hot chocolate. Soon, Evie and Carl came inside to warm up too. Evie decided to text a friend just like Daddy.

Carl had to do some work and had to go through my entire bag of tricks to keep Evie content. We painted, stamped letters, rolled cans of tomatoes across the floor, read books,played with dolls and watched the Wiggles.

We had chili for dinner and Evie insisted on sitting between us in a "big" girl chair. She ate a few bites but was way more interested in her purse. It kept falling to the floor right when Evie got settled.

I lost count of Evie's new words today but some of my favorites are: checks, paste (tooth), doll, and sled. It is amazing to see her vocabulary expanding so quickly. Once she masters a word, she uses it quite frequently as if she thinks she might forget it.

School is already canceled for the morning so it will be another snow day at home!

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