Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lunch with Friends

Thank you so much for all of your kind words! We are thrilled about our baby and look forward to becoming a family of 4 in July.  Evie and I stayed home all day and had a wonderful day! Our friends the Porter's came over for playtime and lunch. We had such a good time. Anna makes having a second child look easy. Kristin had to feed her once and other than that she slept or hung out in her infant carrier. It was so nice to have a baby in the house and imagine us with our baby boy this summer. Evie was pretty interested in Anna but I do not let her get close. She blew her some kisses and all three kiddos laid down in a row while Anna had a diaper change. That was pretty cute! Evie gave Jacob lots of hugs and kisses too. She sure is an affectionate little girl. Evie and Jacob ate a great lunch. We had chicken and wild rice soup, veggie squares and hummus dip. My SIL  gave me the recipe and it's so easy. Take a container of pine nut hummus, spread it in a dish, cut up some cucumber and sprinkle on top. Then top with feta cheese. It is so delicious! Jacob and Evie helped me test my cupcake plan for Evie's birthday. I am thinking cupcakes will be easier for her party and both kids had so much fun devouring their cupcake. Evie wanted another one after lunch which reminds me that it sure would be tasty with a glass of milk. We had do to perform a major clean up after lunch but the cupcakes were a hit.

   Evie slept and I organized our room a little. I have been so lazy lately and my entire house needs to be reorganized. There is not one cabinet or closet in my house that looks the way it did a few months back.

   Evie and I did a few things around the house after nap and played with her new kitchen. She is still loving it but loves it best when I play with her. Evie is a very independent reader and will sit for long stretches with her books but she likes for her parents to play with her a lot. We love it! Evie is very attached to her new Bitty Baby and I captured a few shots of her mothering Sadie.

    We were so happy to see Carl come home. It was so nice having him home but it also feels good to be back in our routine. I am a schedule kind of person and we have lacked a schedule for several weeks. We had fun skyping with our friends the McDonald's in Charleston. Evie and Hudson are just a few weeks apart and now we are both having babies this summer too.

    Hope you had  a great day too!

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