Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fun Day

Evie and I had a fun day although Evie has had major separation anxiety. We went to Little Cottage to get her a few things. They have a fabulous play area which usually entertains her beautifully. Not this morning, Evie wanted to be with me. I kept hearing her sweet little voice saying Mommy trying to find me in the store. I found a cute little dress and she carried it around the store happy as a little clam. She just likes to be a part of every thing that  am doing.

   Our next stop was a trial music class with our MOMS group! I loved it but am not willing to drive 20 plus minutes for a music class. It was held at a huge church and it was a major production to get to the classroom. Strollers were a definite plus considering the distance! Many of the kids cried as they came into the room because they recognized it as a church nursery with name tags, sign in sheets and they all thought we were leaving. Evie was not so sure at first but once she figured out that I was staying for class too she settled right down. She had a BLAST until the teacher took her drum away which really annoyed her. Evie was not finished with the drum and she let everyone know it. She also did not like it when they turned off the lights for the lullaby. I kept hearing her chant "light" as if they would magically come on. It was so cute to see Evie so happy and really enjoying herself during the class. She danced off a bunch of energy and loved all the musical instruments. One mom told me that Evie was dancing like a little Indian girl!

   Evie has not been into food today although she did eat 2.5 clementines. That has to count for something! I figure she will eat when she is hungry but I like to document this for future reference with Baby Boy! Carl came home so I could get my hair done and she did not eat for him either so at least she provides us both with similar experiences. She had an anxiety fit before I left which is so rare since she LOVES playing with her Daddy because he is way more fun!

Evie and I were talking this afternoon about her brother and I mentioned that he would sleep in the crib. I asked her if he could sleep in her crib with her and she was quite adamant that was not a good idea so then I suggested that he sleep in her crib and she gets a new one. She did not like that either although she liked the idea of moving into our office! We love to go check on her at night but it wakes her up since she is the world's lightest sleeper besides for me. She sits right up in her crib and looks at us like we are crazy before she goes back to sleep with her Raffi.

   Evie learned a bunch of new words today: rail, yes, peel, bathtub, soap, mop, sweep, Cheerio and drum. It still amazes me that some words seem so basic yet some words are not really even part of a day to day vocabulary. I am thrilled that she learned to say yes and am hopeful that we begin to hear more of yes and less of no from Evie.

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  1. so fun! i love all your little evie updates :)
    libbi makes sure to let the "music teacher" know when she can/cannot take an instrument from her - it's quite fun - ha! :)
    we go through the whole "no eating" thing, too. i guess you're right though, they'll eat when they're hungry.
    and, we have been having some separation issues, too. i had to laugh, because your story sounded so familiar. jeffrey came home from work early last week so i could go get my hair done and libbi had a complete meltdown when i left.....i felt terrible that she was crying and i felt bad for him, too - i know it would hurt my feelings like crazy if she made such a stink to be left with me instead of her daddy!


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