Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Birthday, Evie

Dear Sweet Evie,

You are 2 years old today! We cannot believe it. You love to tell everyone that you are 2! I think you know it's special to have a birthday.

You are such a big girl now into everything and talking up a storm. I still love to hear your sweet voice but wish you could tone down the "no" and the "nope" just a little.

Some days you eat and some days you do not eat. Your favorite food is cereal but you do love a good hunk of cheese. Chocolate milk is your beverage of choice although you do love some orange juice.

You have decided not to sit in your highchair or booster seat which made meals so much easier. My big girl likes to be just like me! You like to walk in parking lots which makes me nervous but you are getting way to heavy to be held all the time. Stairs are a piece of cake and you go up and down all the time holding the rail.

Your sense of direction continues to amaze us. We were at the mall the other day and you knew just where Santa sat at Christmas time. Every time we go near one of the play places you ask to play. Yesterday, we went to a bookstore that offers a story time and you were positive that you were there for a story. You asked the lady for a story.

You are quite precocious and keep us laughing except when you frustrate us which does happen occasionally. Being a toddler must be hard!

You can tell when we are exasperated with you because you say "hi" incessantly and try to kiss us. We usually forget our frustration pretty easily.

You love to play with your friends and are really good at kissing them and sharing snacks.

Thank goodness, you are still a good sleeper going to bed at 7 and waking up around 7:30. Nap time is about 1 and you sleep until about 4. We just wish you were not such a light sleeper but you have been this way since the beginning. I am a light sleeper too so she comes by it honestly.

Evie, you are such a joy. It is our greatest privilege to be your parents. We love you so much and love watching you change as you grow into a big girl. We never imagined parenthood to be so challenging but we also could have never imagined it to be so absolutely amazing. You personify unconditional love and show us so much about love by being kind, fair and without any judgement. You take the world just the way it is and love being a part of it. Well, maybe you wish Super Why would come on at other times besides 8. Only kidding!

We love you more than you will ever know and look forward to celebrating many more years of life with you. Your second year is going to be an exciting year. You are getting a special gift in July - a baby brother, you will start a real preschool and eat lunch there all by yourself, your vocabulary will continue to grow and you will be a whole new person by the time
you are 3.

We cannot wait to see what your next year of life holds. Love, Mommy and Daddy

I will post some pictures soon. I do not want to ever forget how unbelievably cute you are right now!


  1. What a sweet post. This is going to be a big year for Evie. Enjoy every precious moment.

  2. Happy 2nd birthday, sweet little Evie!

  3. Happy birthday, Evie! What a special day and age!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday Evie!!! Hope you had as much fun today as the day your parents welcomed you into the world!!!


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