Friday, January 7, 2011

My Little Monkey

Evie and I had a busy morning with a trip to get a monogram, a coffee break and a stop at Monkey Joe's to play with our friends. Evie got so very excited to see all the fun inflatables and had a blast. It was fun for me too but the first thirty minutes were the best because it got pretty crowded around 10:45-11:00. Evie showed zero signs of separation anxiety and had a blast playing with all her friends. Of course, I made the mistake of commenting that I could not believe how well she was doing. BAM, there she was wanting me to tag along with her inside all the inflatables. No wonder, they make you sign a waiver, it's pretty crazy in there! We had fun and hope to go back soon.

     Nap time was in order for us both after our busy morning. Evie went down earlier than usual so we had time for two quick errands after nap. She knew that we were near Monkey Joe's and kept asking me to "play." That girl has a really terrific sense of direction!

   She is eating again! My secret weapon is a King's Hawaiian Roll with ham and cheese. She LOVED it. No wonder, it has 6 grams of fat per roll so it's not the healthiest bread available. However, it is so good! Lindsay suggested Buddy Fruits which were a hit too. Evie sucked down four of those today so at least she got 200 calories in her little body.

   Carl and Evie took the lights off her little playhouse this afternoon and played with her wagon a little. It's supposed to snow this weekend. Evie is really good at identifying snow now. She learned a bunch of new words again today. My two favorite are sprinkles and bank. Her cookie at Publix at sprinkles and she pointed them out to everyone who came within a three foot radius of our cart. I LOVE this age! She has so much zest for life and every single day is new and exciting to her.

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  1. Evie is just *so* cute -- sorry to hear that she's not eating well for you. Keep trying - we're so blessed that Ellie loves food, but little Evie will soon find what flavors make her happy. :)


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