Friday, January 14, 2011

No in Between

Evie and I had a good morning together with a few tantrums thrown in for good measure. We met a friend at Krispy Kreme for doughnuts. Evie was thrilled to have her own miniature doughnut and loved watching the doughnuts come off the conveyor belt. I was thrilled to see that they were hot. So thrilled that I had two! We made a quick trip to Target to buy Evie her first potty. It's hard to believe that it's even time to think about potty training. Evie has wanted to be right up under me all day. She was happily coloring with her markers after lunch. I decided it'd be a good time to clean out a closet that was within her line of vision. She picked up her markers, paper and "tea" and made herself comfortable on the floor right under my feet! Our afternoon was not so pleasant and my mothering skills were not at their finest. This parenting thing is hard and I have a feeling it's going to keep getting harder.

    Evie is either really happy or really not! She is quick to let you know her mood. I am hoping tomorrow will be a better day for us both!

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  1. Sorry you had a rough day. I hate those "off" days, but thankfully the kids never seem to remember them ;) You'll have to keep us posted on the potty training... so far, we haven't had much luck. Ha!


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