Saturday, January 8, 2011

Way to go Cougars!

We had a fun yet cold Saturday! I froze all day long and it's going to way worse before it gets any better. We tried to find Evie a snowsuit this morning since we are expecting more snow but were unsuccessful. At least in finding one that is a reasonable price for someone that is growing by leaps and bounds. Evie wore her College of Charleston in support of her COugars! It must have worked because the beat Wofford tonight. Sorry Uncle Kurt! That shirt is the one piece of clothing that we own that Baby Boy Niemeyer can wear as well as Evie.

    I was in need of some coffee again so we swung by Starbucks. January is the best time for free coffee and it's when I use all of my gift cards.

   We had a low-key afternoon at home before heading to Jacob's birthday party. Evie took a very short nap so we were a little worried about how she would do but she had a blast with Jacob and his friend Tyler. It was a super fun party! Evie loved decorating the cookies shaped liked number 2's and of course eating cake. She was very helpful at assisting Jacob with unwrapping his presents and she gave him lots of birthday love. Evie loves to kiss Jacob! We were relieved that she did not kiss Tyler since it was the first time she met him. That would be a little too forward! Anna performed her role as the birthday boys sister perfectly. I did not hear her peep the entire time and she was so happy snuggling with her Nana. Second children sure seem less high maintenance.

   Evie's party is tomorrow and I am second guessing my decision to have it at a party place. I just could not handle all those kids in my house not to mention the mess! Peek a Boo takes care of the mess and I just bring the cake. We are excited to see all of Evie's friends in one place and celebrate that our sweet baby girl is turning 2.  It will be interesting to see Evie's reaction to it being her own birthday party!


  1. I hope Evie has even more fun at her own party! It sounds like you all had a gREAT day today!

  2. I found snow bibs for Avery on sale at The Children's Place. They have also had some online at Old Navy. That won't help for this storm but it looks as if it could be a long winter. Looking forward to reading about Evie's party!


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