Sunday, December 6, 2009

Another cold day!

Evie woke up a little earlier than I'd like - try 5:15. That is early - luckily she went back to sleep! I put her down for a nap. Then Carl and I went to early church, it's difficult to go normally because Evie needs her nap. It's so much easier to go places without her but of course we missed our little sweetie.

We came and she was awake playing with her Nana. They had all kinds of games going such as Salvation Army and bell games. Nana taught Evie to drop her bell in a papertowel tube so she could then find it. Evie LOVES this game. I think we have a new way to entertain her.

We went out to lunch at Puckett's in Franklin. YUMMY! My mom and I both had the pulled pork and Carl had the fried chicken. Evie had pulled pork, green beans and sweet potato fries. I was starting to worry because she chose black beans over fries yesterday. However, she seemed to like her fries today. I would NEVER choose black beans over fries.

Evie came home to nap and then we went to the grocery store. Publix is so nice and it is a shopping experience. However, it is so expensive! They have some things that Kroger does not have so we are lucky we have so many choices.

Carl put a few lights outside our house and trimmed our shrubbery. We are surrounded by lights so we have a lot to do if we want to catch up with our neighbors. It is so festive!

Evie has had so much fun playing with Nana. Evie will be bored when it's just us with her because we do not play with her nearly as much as Nana.

Carl and I headed to Target after Evie went to sleep. We got there and noticed that we did not have any money with us! That makes it pretty hard to get anything but that's okay it was still nice to get out for a little bit.

Think of me in the morning, I am having some minor surgery. We are expecting it to be fairly straightforward but I may not be blogging for a few days. We are so glad that my mom was able to come stay with us for the week to help me recover and to take care of Evie.


  1. I will be praying for your surgery!

  2. Hey! Hope everything went well today!! I've been thinking about you. Keep me posted!

    Funny thing- I did the EXACT thing at Target this week! Had to drive all the way home- with P- to get my wallet!


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