Monday, December 28, 2009

Growing teeth is hard to do!

We had a fun day. Carl enjoyed lunch at Chuy's with us today. YUMMY! We ran a few errands this afternoon. Nothing too exciting. Evie is growing another tooth or at least she has all the signs: lots of drool, a runny nose and lots of dirty diapers. She was a little cranky before bed tonight so I hope she sleeps all night. Carl has been sick for a few days and now I have it. He was checking Evie's temperature tonight with the temporal thermometer and it was not working on her. Carl practiced on me and I had a temperature of 101. I have been so busy that I did not even realize it. My sweet hubby went to get me some medicine.

We had another crazy thing happen tonight! I was sitting here on the couch talking to Candice. Someone was knocking on our door . . . remember what happened the last time we had someone at the door. Well, this time it was the previous owners of our house. They came to get their mail and they wanted their grapefruit! You know the grapefruit that we have already consumed! Thank goodness I was busy because it was such a strange situation and Carl handles things like that better. Does anyone call or email to let someone know they are coming by? Unexpected company makes me a total basket-case because I like my house to be clean! Our house was far from clean tonight since we just got back last night. Carl's got her number so maybe she will call the next time!

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