Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Pageant

We had a wonderful relaxing day! Evie and I were in our pajamas until 3:30 - those are the best kind of days! We just hung out at home. Carl took Evie jogging and I straightened up a little. I am getting a little behind. In case you ever have a choice, try not to move too close to the holidays. It's a lot to get your house done for living and to decorate for Christmas. Oh well, maybe next year!

After we finally got out of our pj's, we went to the Christmas pageant at our church. It was so sweet. Carl was impressed with the costumes. I loved the music! Evie thought it was interesting that some kids were crawling down the aisle. I think Evie really enjoyed herself. Carl wonders if she will remember going to her first Christmas pageant. I am sure she will go to many more. We rode around a little to check out the beautiful lights.

Then we hung a few pictures and did a few things around the house. Getting settled is going a lot more slowly with our sweet little one. She is way more entertaining than getting things done. Evie is really loving spaghettio's and kiwi fruit these days. Not together!

Evie is also really into laundry. She discovered this with her Nana. Evie joyfully takes the clothes in and out of the basket. I like it because this occupies her for about 15 minutes and there is always plenty of laundry to play with around here. Speaking of laundry - I have plenty to get done while my little helper is sleeping!

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