Friday, December 4, 2009

Twinkle, Twinkle!

Evie had her flu shot today. We have been on the waiting list for over a month. On Monday, I called again and they told me they had changed the procedure. They no longer had a waiting list and I needed to check the website daily! Thank goodness that I called. Otherwise, she may have never gotten the flu shot. She cried for just a few seconds and then she was fine. We ran a bunch of errands after her appointment: Target, gas station, UPS store, and Kroger. That's lots of getting in and out of the carseat and she was great. We were so busy and got a lot done.

We came home and she seemed a little fussy so I put her down for her nap right after her lunch. She was whining a little which reminded me that she had not nursed since 6:30 this morning and it was 1:00. That's the longest she has ever gone in the daytime. We were just so busy! Clearly, between that and the pearl incident, I am no longer in the running for Mother of the Year. I cannot believe that I forgot to feed her and even more so I cannot believe she was not letting me know that she was hungry! At least I know, she can go longer stretches which is great since she does not do bottles. Sippy cups are working great but that's a lot of work. I gave Evie a sippy cup of whole milk this week and she happily drank it. Great news except she then developed a bright red rash on her sensitive little face. Evie may need a little more time before drinking cows milk so we may try soy milk.

After nap, we went to take Carl's truck to the shop. His truck is brandnew and goes to the shop more than my Jeep. I better knock on some wood since I rolled over to 100,000 miles today. Luckily, his car is under warranty so let's hope they fix the problem this time.

We had a busy night at home getting things done around the house. Evie keeps us running in circles . . . literally all of the time. She has slept through the night the past three nights so we think sleep training was successful. It was not even that bad compared to when I tried it in September. She never cried that long and we are all happier now that we are getting more sleep. Doesn't she look precious in her twinkle pajamas? They were a gift from her Nana and Ipop last Christmas before she was born. They seemed so BIG back then but they her perfectly.

Our tree has lights but no decorations. There is a huge mess in our living room that Evie just loves to play in. I am feeling very behind on my house. There is so much to do to keep things going from day to day and now I have to add making my house festive for the holidays. Thanks goodness there is always tomorrow!

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