Thursday, December 17, 2009

Stairs are so much fun . . .

Look how much Evie has changed this picture was from March before one of our walks. She sure was tiny! Evie and Iwent to run some errands this morning. She did great as I moved her in and out of the carseat multiple times. Evie likes shopping but likes to keep moving so she does not miss any action!

Thursday's are Kindermusik! We had such a fun time. Evie's teacher announced that she is having her fourth baby in June. Evie thought one of the siblings was so interesting and she kept crawling to him. He was NOT interested in Evie at all and kept busy with his 6 year old activities. Evie got so close to him that he accidently wrote on her arm so now Evie has blue ink on her arm. We learned the Cha Cha today and had fun with the jingle bells. Ms. Marie was collecting the bells and she told the babies to say "bye-bye" to the bells. It got really quiet and Evie said "bye-bye." She had perfect timing! What a smart girl!

Evie was so excited when she woke up from her nap because her friend Abby was here. Maura and I had a nice visit while the girls played. Evie even climbed all the way up the stairs several times to show off for her big friend. I had never seen her get past the second stair but now she can get to the top. Carl was so surprised to see her climbing the stairs when he got home.

We went for a walk since it was fairly warm at a balmy 43. BRRRR! Evie's hands were fozen little ice-cubes when we got home. Maybe Santa will bring her some mittens.

I am heading out to a Christmas party tonight and I am so excited. It's been a LONG time since I had a girls night. Here's a yummy recipe to try for your next party!

Dessert Pretzels:
1 bag of Rolos

1 bag of windowpane pretzels

1 bag of pecan halves

Lay pretzels in a single layer on a baking pan. Unwrap the Rolos and place one on top of each pretzel. Put in oven and watch very closely for a few minutes. Take out and press a pecan into top of candy. Place in fridge to cool and then store in an airtight container.

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