Friday, December 11, 2009

Candles in the windows!

We mostly hung out at the house today. It's so cold and not fun to take a baby out in the cold. It was a little easier last winter when she just wore sleepers and I could bundle her up in the infant carrier. I am trying to take it easy because it's still hard for me to do too much.
I finally got a few new candles. We have more windows this year so I had not put the candles out yet. They look so pretty in the window. Tomorrow is the luminary night in the neighborhood. We are really excited to see all the houses participate.
Happy Birthday, Sheila! We hope you had a special day. Birthdays in Charleston are always fun. Evie is waving Happy Birthday to you!
Carl went to a hockey game tonight so my mom and I took Evie out to dinner. This is very rare since she does better during the day. She took a late nap so she was ready for some excitement. We decided to try Brick's. I was a little nervous when we walked in because it was dark and the tables had white tableclothes. There were several other children in the restaurant. Evie did great. She loved looking at the other kids and she enjoyed her bread. She wanted to share her bread with the waitress. My mom told Evie that we all get our own food when we go out to eat. HA! Evie tried steamed red bell pepper, hamburger and had her usual favorites of cheese, goldfish and yogurt. She did great! The key to a successful dinner out with Evie is to go early and take lots of food! We stopped at Chick-fil-A to get peppermint milkshakes. Have you had one? They are so delicious. Almost, as good as the peppermint latte from Starbucks.
Stay warm! It's 20.7 degrees here in Nashville. I cannot believe Carl has moved me to the frozen tundra! This is the coldest place that I have ever lived. He asked me if I'd like to move to Florida. Might not be a bad idea after all.

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