Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas in Gastonia!

We made it to my parents house about 12:30. Evie slept all the way from Atlanta to Gastonia so she was in a great mood! We had a delicious lunch that was nut-free so Evie could enjoy it too. She really likes jello so my mom made a jello salad with fruit for her. Carl enjoyed his caramel birthday cake. I did too! Evie thinks my parents dogs are so interesting. She works really hard to catch them but they are too fast for her! One day she will get them!

Evie was thrilled to see more presents. She figured out that it's so much fun to open presents, push the boxes across the room, play with the bows etc. Evie got a really cute playhouse from her Aunt Libby. It has a toilet that flushes and a working doorbell. She loves the grocery cart with all the food. My mom was so sweet and surprised me with gift certificates to my favorite places in Nashville - Puffy Muffin and The Factory! My dad got us a webcam and headset so we can show them all of Evie's new tricks. We had fun playing around with it over the weekend.My parents babysat while we went to a movie. Carl wanted to see Sherlock Holmes. It was a guy movie but there were some parts that were interesting for me. It was a bit far-fetched but most movies are that's what makes them more interesting than real life. Thanks for babysitting Evie, Mom and Dad!

We had so much stuff in our car there was barely room for Evie. We left Gastonia around 11:30 and arrived here at 6:45 but we stopped for a LONG lunch at Cracker Barrel and there were two LONG traffic jams. Evie did great. Thank goodness she is such a flexible traveler. Evie took two naps, spent a long time reading Pat the Bunny and put things in and out of a Nutrigrain box. I sat with her the last hour and fed her sugar cookies and Carl sang her silly songs. She makes the trip much more entertaining.

Evie was so excited to be back at her house and see that her toys arrived here too! She played for a long time before bed. I am so glad that Carl does not to work tomorrow. It's nice having him home with us! You should see our house with all the stuff we just brought in - there is a lot to put away! We had a wonderful Christmas with Evie. She really made it special for everyone. My mom said Evie was the gift and she is our gift everyday!

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