Thursday, December 3, 2009

At least she has good taste . . .

We had another interesting day! Evie decided to eat one of my Mikimoto pearl earings that Carl gave me as a wedding present. I was putting my contacts in and Evie was crawling around my room. She got really quiet so I decided to go check on her. My earings had been on the nightstand where I have put them every night for the last 4.5 years. They were not there anymore and one beautiful little pearl was sitting in front of her. Obviously, I was very worried about her so I called the pediatrician. They told me not to worry and that yesterday a baby swallowed a Barbie shoe. That made me feel better and she mentioned that Evie had good taste eating my very best pearls. The nurse told me to watch her diapers and I should be able to retrieve my lost earing. You better believe I will try to retrieve it too! I LOVE those earings!

We went to the post office and there were about 50 people in line and one person working! I am not kidding! Then, I remembered the electronic stamp dispenser and they even had holiday stamps! PTL something went right! Carl needed stamps for his Christmas cards for work and we needed them for our personal cards too. Mission accomplished and we even made it to Kindermusik on time!

Evie was so excited to be at Kindermusik. She really likes it! You should check out a class in your area. Evie and I have tried a lot of classes and this is our very favorite. One of the songs today was Jingle Bells with little bells for the babies. It was so sweet. I even got a little teary that I have a baby to share the magic of Christmas with this year!

Evie was ready for her nap so she hit the crib after lunch. I got busy taking care of a bunch of stuff around the house. Don't tell but I napped during her morning nap so I had a lot to catch up on.
Carl got home and we went to get our tree! It was cold but so much fun! I bundled Evie up in her precious little hat that she got as a baby gift! We have never laughed so much looking for a tree. It has been rainy and yucky so the trees were a little hard to handle. Carl was worried about his new shoes getting dirty and I was trying to keep Evie warm in the 36 degree weather! We found a great tree! Can't wait for Evie to see it with all of the beautiful lights. She will make our Christmas so special!

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  1. Best wishes for finding your pearl earring. It's funny, but not, all at the same time!


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