Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow: Are you coming this way?

We had such a wonderful Saturday! Our morning was spent running some errands. We took Evie to eat at Alpine Bagel. She LOVED it and ate most of my cheddar bagel with veggie cream cheese. I also got her an orange muffin that she found pretty delicious! That kid will eat anything! Carl and I were feeling really brave so we popped into Toys R Us. I was expecting the worst but was pleasantly surprised that every register was open and the store was reasonably orderly for less than a week before Christmas. We finished all of our shopping so it's time to enjoy the season with Evie. Christmas is so much more fun with Evie. She decided to check out the presents under the tree which gave us a glimspe of what will happen on the BIG day. Of course, the paper will be her favorite part.

Carl and I were very productive during naptime. I wrapped, prep'd dinner, and organized a few things. Carl trimmed the shrubs and moved some rocks in the backyard. Evie woke up in a great mood. We needed a few things at the Fresh Market and Carl wanted to look at bikes at REI. They are super nice but that means they are pretty pricey too! My suggestion was to get a bike off Craig's List. We would use bikes a lot living so close to a park but not enough to justify that kind of money. Especially since we have so many other things to get for our new house.

We tried to hang our window treatments today and they are not wide enough for the windows in this house. I might try to make one of the Nester's mistreatments for Evie's room and I am hoping my mom can come up with a solution for the other window. It's the most fabulous fabric and would look great in the laundry room if we could make it work. Carl and I have a lot of projects in our future!

I have been craving a Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha from Starbuck's since my mom and Carl had one last week. Talk about delicious - that's the best drink and really feels like a holiday treat! Run to your nearest Starbuck's if you have not had one yet this season! Carl is braving the elements to grill a pork tenderloin. There is not too much going on but there is a 50% chance of snow tonight! I would love for it to snow so Evie can play in it and since Carl is on vacation until December 29 - there is no need to worry about the snow causing problems.

We did not take any pictures of Evie today so we will have to catch up tomorrow. These pictures are from yesterday except for the house pics. Evie and Logan look like they are really enjoying Chuy's yesterday. They are so cute! It's important to keep a little distance between them because they take each others food. Cassidy missed the impromptu picture since she was snoozing. Hope you enjoy the pictures of our house! We kept our decorations super low-key this year between moving, Evie and my surgery. Maybe next year will be easier. Our tree is a tiny bit too tall - I think we might have forgotten what house we live in when we were shopping for it. The ceilings are not quite as tall here as our last house. Look really closely and you can see a snowflake or two in the picture of our new house!

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  1. Your house is beautiful! We got nearly two feet of snow in DC today! Ahhhh - I have cabin fever!

    Hope you're well!

    --Brooke/DC Prep


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