Saturday, December 12, 2009

Luminary Night!

It was a little warmer today with a high of 46. Never thought that was warm before now. My mom left today! We miss her already. She helped so much while I recovered this week. Thank you for coming Mom!

We went to Target and Whole Foods after taking my mom to the airport. Evie munched on some cucumber at the store. It was a hit! We bought some delicious pecan shortbread cookies.

We came home to work on the luminaries. Since we have a corner lot, we had 35! Our next-door neighbor had 10 and our across the street neighbor had 40! Ashley was kind enough to help since she only had 10 and has 4 kids to help her. Evie thought it was so much fun. She seemed to remember that yummy sand from our trip to Kiawah. We worked in the garage and Evie crawled around with her Pirate Booty snack. It was so fun to see all the neighbors out working on their luminaries. It took us about an hour to get our luminaries finished. It was fun to see how all the neighbors got their bags out to the street. Most people used wagons or wheelbarrows. We used our truck. I am sure it was a sight with me driving the truck slowly as Carl put out the bags and Evie hung out in her carseat. One of the neighbors told me that a wagon would be a cheaper way to put them out. Carl held Evie while he lit the candles. She thought it was so exciting! Carl checked the radar before we put them out but guess what it started pouring as soon as we finished. I got a few pictures but they are a little foggy. It was a beautiful sight while it lasted. Carl went to re-light our luminaries after the rain. Traditions are important and we look forward to many more fun times in the neighborhood.

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  1. Oh thank goodness for wonderful mom who are so willing to help! Glad she was able to be with you! I wish we lived closer to whole foods! I love that place!


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