Sunday, December 20, 2009

Daddy's Little Helper

We went to church this morning and tried to drop Evie in the nursery. Evie was not happy so we took her with us in the sanctuary. She did fine for about 40 minutes and really was not disruptive. However, I know she needs to get used to being in the nursery so we headed back down there. I stayed and played with her. Evie is the youngest baby in the whole church out of 500 families so she is in there with older children. The nursery is staffed by high school seniors who text the entire time. Evie got hit with a toy by another kid while she was in there. After church, we hurried to get her and another mom had her trying to calm her down. We will keep trying! One day she will decide that the nursery is not that bad.

Carl put some safety latches on our cabinets since we have a little explorer on her hands. It's very tiresome to constantly pick everything up so this should help me out a lot. Evie thought it was really fun until the drill came out. She does not like vacuums, hairdryers and apparently she is not a fan of the drill either. I quickly snapped some cute shots of her helping her Daddy!


  1. Installing cabinet latches are on our to-do list for this week too! I loved the pictures of your new house. It's SO pretty!

  2. Evie is seriously sooooo beautiful with her gorgeous blonde hair and lovely eyes!!! What a knockout!

    And about the was such a hard thing for my little AF for the first few months. She had some serious separation anxiety. But eventually she tolerated it and it got easier each week. Evie will do fine soon enough! I just had to keep telling myself that it was good for her to be away from me for 90 minutes or so. It teaches them that mommy will ALWAYS come back!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    God Bless!


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