Monday, December 14, 2009

The frozen tundra has warmed up . . . temporarily!

Happy Birthday, Lucy! I hope you had a wonderful birthday lunch at Cinderella's castle. Evie left you a message. We hope you got it from your Daddy's phone. 4 year olds are so much fun! I think it's a magical age so it's fun to celebrate at the most magical place - Disney World!

It was the warmest day in a long time with a high of 66. Evie and I really enjoyed it! Tomorrow the cold will be back! We went to Gymboree for our class. Evie was so excited to be there since we missed class last week. I have a feeling that we might need to work on sharing. Evie grabs balls, rings and shakers from the other kids even when she has her hands full.

Evie took a long afternoon nap but I did not get much done. I really need to get busy! There is so much to do around here plus I need to prepare for Christmas. Evie has been sleeping through the night consistently. What a difference a little sleep makes for a tired mommy! If you think waking up several times per night is not a big deal then you are probably not the one who has been doing it for the last 10 months. HA!

Evie and I went to chat with our neighbor this afternoon. She informed me of all kinds of things and will be an excellent resource anytime I have a question. Evie was not so sure about Ms. Kay but energetically waved at her trashcan. Evie is a funny girl!

I forgot to let everyone know that my pearl was retrieved! The luster is gone but Mikimoto suggested that I mail it to them to see what they can do to repair it. I will get around to this in January when things settle down a bit.

I went to the mall to get a few things tonight. My favorite purchase was See's candy. If you have never had See's then you have not had chocolate! See's is based in California but has little stands in malls at the holidays. Check it out for the best chocolate ever! You will want the whole box to yourself. I am in bed now but I will post some pictures of Evie tomorrow.

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