Thursday, December 31, 2009

Best reason of all to live in Tennessee!

I got NOTHING done today because my entire day was spent in the doctors office. Carl was home so I went to the dentist and for a follow-up from my surgery. Dentists are always interesting. Our former dentist went from being Dr. David to Dr. Carol in a period of about 6 months. It was a pretty weird transformation. Dr. David used to talk to me about fishing and then when he became a she. . .our conversation moved to jewerly. I knew he had become a real woman when he noticed my bracelet and commented that it was a David Yurman. Actually, it was a knock-off but you got give him - I mean her - some credit.

Carl checked out our new dentist a few weeks back so he passed the test. He was quite chatty. It made me laugh because my mom always said that dentists have to be good conversationists. Dr. Myer's fits the bill! I learned all kinds of things from him. Do you use an electric toothbrush? They move 35,000 times per minute while a manual only moves about 100. He compared a manual toothbrush to a rotary phone. Evie will probably never see a rotary phone. I asked him when I should bring Evie in to have her teeth, all two of them, checked by a dentist. He said 2.5 years old and that I might want to consider taking her to a dentist that specializes in children. Apparently, this dude is big on analogies because he compared himself to a children's dentist using pizza. You can take your kid to Pizza Hut or Chuckie Cheese. Both places have pizza but the experience is different. Carl said he must not like children but he has 3 grandaughers. Trust me, I know all about them!

Carl had fun with Evie and Evie had fun with her Daddy. We all went to the Fresh Market to get a few things for our special New Year's Eve dinner. Carl said Evie wanted to wait for me to get home. It was packed but we got some filet's for dinner and a few other items. Believe it or not, we are having some company for an early supper tomorrow night. We used to have people over all the time but in the last year things have changed a little. That's okay, there will be plenty of time for that later in life.

Hope everyone has a wonderful night celebrating a new year! It seems like we just started this decade and now it is already over. I am right where I want to be to ring in 2010. Safe and sound in my warm house on my comfy couch with my sweet hubby about to enjoy a delicious peanut butter stack for dessert! So you've made it this far, the best reason of all to live in Tennessee is that it's in the Central Time Zone which means that I can ring in the New Year at 11:00 CST when the ball drops in NYC at 12:00 EST and then go to bed at approximately 11:06 CST! Stay safe out there. New Year's Eve is for amateurs.

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