Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm a mean one . . .

I feel like such a grinch! Christmas is such a special time but goodness it's stressful and busy. Next year, I am starting earlier to get everything done so I am not out with all the crazy people. Evie and I went to get a few presents today and it was PACKED at 11:30. We waited in line for 20 minutes! That's a long time with a baby but she did great! I was the one who was exhausted by the process. We were in need of some nourishment so we headed to Chick-fil- A! I love how they help parents with young children. They will bring you a high chair with a placemat for the table and they deliver your food to you! That makes it so much easier! Some people call Chick-fi-A: Christian Chicken. I LOVE that. It cracks me up every time I say it. Perfect name for the place. Evie had two nuggets, one fry and the whole container of fruit sans the apples. She really likes mandarin oranges and grapes. The lady helping us said that it's good that I am starting Evie early with Chick-fil-A but to stick with the fruit. Funny coming from the owner! I know all about her because she told me this story about her grandsons comical hair. She may have been referring to Evie's hair because we could not find her bow so she was looking kinda crazy!

Evie napped and I tried to get things done around the house. We went to Wolf Camera and Evie made a little friend. I was trying to get some pictures developed and noticed a little girl chatting with Evie. Her name was Emma and she was 4. She said, "Do you know that I LOVE babies?" So sweet! Evie was talking away to her and the lady on the computer next to us. I think we have a talker on our hands! Maybe one day we will understand her language.

Evie is drooling like crazy and is a little cranky. I think she misses her Nana because mommy is not nearly as much fun. We sang some songs, played with the jingle bells and decked ourselves with jewels. Our jewels were the strings of garland that are not on our tree yet. Evie sure is fun!

I was glad for 7:00 to come tonight. Evie has worn me out today. We are going to try to take it easy tomorrow but have a few errands. Remind me to start after Halloween next year so I can avoid the chaos! Our keyboard is not working on the desktop so pictures will return once Carl gets back to repair the keyboard.

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