Friday, December 18, 2009

Grapefruit, anyone?

Evie and I have been looking forward to lunch at Chuy's all week! Chuy's is the BEST Mexican food hands-down! We met our friends there. Evie and Logan enjoyed themselves and Cassidy took a little snooze. Carol, Amanda and I had a fun lunch!

It has been really rainy and yucky here today so we decided to do a little photoshoot. I love my new camera but am still using my little camera when we are out and about. Although, Carl pointed out several parents with a Canon Rebel at the Christmas program last week at church.

Evie and I were waiting in line today and a little girl kept checking Evie out. She asked her mom, " Why is that girl's pacifier going up and down" - it was so funny to listen to her mom explain that's what paci's do.

We got a delivery of some fresh fruit to the previous owners. They are in China so it's not like they are going to be back anytime soon. So, we now have 5 pounds of grapefruit on our hands! It seems like these people would have let everyone who sends gifts their new address! I cannot wait to see if anything else arrives. Some pears would be nice or maybe some cookies.

We went to run some errands when Carl got home this afternoon. It's so crazy out there and I still have two things to get. My plan is to get out tomorrow and finish up. Everyone on our list is getting practical gifts since we all have everything that we need. We still need to get Evie a few things from us. I am sure Evie already let Santa know what she wants this year.

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