Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cabin Fever!

Evie and I are feeling much better today! We had a bad case of cabin fever so we ran a few errands this afternoon. Evie was so happy to be at Target. She drank her milk and looked all around. I bought Evie some size 4 diapers. She sure is getting big! We worked on the word NO for a long time today. Evie loves to crawl towards the stairs and I was trying to teach Evie to listen to her Mama! Our little lesson did not go so well at first but finally she caught on that she needed to crawl towards me and not the stairs. I think shaking her toy might have convinced her that she needed to come get her toy from me.

Nothing too exciting is happening around here. I have done TONS of laundry and tried to organize a little around the house. It's a full-time job keeping up with laundry and the constant stream of clothing changes for Evie. She grows faster than I can sort and put her clothes away. I am trying to keep them organized for future use.

Evie's birthday is coming up soon. We are having a small family party and inviting a few of Evie's little friends. It seems you either go really BIG or really small for the first birthday. We are going small. I can barely get dinner on the table for me and Carl much less plan a party for 50 people. It's hard to believe my sweet little girl is going to be 1! Carl thinks Evie is ready to be a Big Sister. Pretty funny because I think she is really enjoying being the center of our universe.

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