Thursday, September 16, 2010

20 Months Old!

Dear Evie,

  Here we are again, another month has passed and you my sweet girl are 20 months old. Time keeps going faster and faster and so do you! We run after you all day every day watching you explore the world around you. Evie, you are so sweet and kind. You love people, animals, books and food. Your favorite place is outside and you spend most of your day "side" playing in your yard.

   You are a good friend and are always so happy to see your little friends. Your friend Abby even says your name now and you really like that. Our neighbors have become very interested in you and always come outside to see you. They think you are really fun! Mommy and Daddy think you are so fun too.

     We take lots of walks to the park and you hang out in your stroller checking out the scenery. You love all the dogs, birds, rabbits, squirrels and even deer that we see along the way. Airplanes can be spotted miles away by you.

   Books are your latest obsession and you carry them around the house with you like prized possessions. You come running with at least two in your hands and you will sit for the longest time as long as keep reading. I read to you all day long and love all the snuggles while we read. You are talking a lot now and copy everything that we say. A clerk at the shoe store told me that you were a parrot and I had to agree.

   Evie, you still love to eat and will make friends with anyone that will feed you. Some of your favorite foods are mango, hummus, french toast, taco soup, grapes and of course cheese! You also have a bit of a sweet tooth just like your Mommy. You are a good sleeper and love to be in your bed. You go to bed around 7 and sleep until around 7 most days. You nap for about 3 hours unless we are in the car. Then, you take a short nap so that do not miss anything going on around you.

   You like to take showers now but we still give you baths sometimes too. It's a lot easier to shower with you and you just love it. Daddy thinks you are a water baby.

   You started school this month and really like it a lot. Mommy likes it too since it gives me a chance to run a few errands and have a little break. Your teachers are Ms. Lori and Ms. Linda and they love you already. You have fun playing with your friends, going to music class, listening to Bible stories and going for walks in the jumbo stroller.

  You weigh about 26 pounds and like to weigh yourself on our scale. You are really tall and your feet are growing so fast too. Most of your baby look is gone but you are growing into a beautiful, independent, happy toddler. We love seeing you change! You have changed so much. We cannot wait to see what this next year has in store for us. You are getting so close to being 2! That's so hard to believe, it feels like you just got here in some ways but it also feels like you have been our daughter for a LONG time.

   We love you so much and are so proud of you. Love, Mommy and Daddy

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  1. Happy 20 months Evie! Her adventures get me even more excited about what we have to look forward to.


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