Thursday, September 2, 2010

Evie goes to school!

Evie had her first day at MMO today. She has been saying school for weeks and was so excited to see all the big kids when we got there. I got her out of the car and she wanted to walk in by herself like the other kids. Then, she fell and hit her knee so she decided that I should carry her in just this once. We walked in and saw the director, Andrea, and she made me feel so comfortable about leaving Evie. She suggested that I come back a little early today to help Evie slowly adjust since she has not really been away from me very much. Andrea even gave me her cell phone number so I could call to check in on Evie.

   Evie and I walked around a little and had time for a few pictures. She looked so big in her new pink dress. Aunt Lindsay gave her a book bag and it was filled to the brim with all of Evie's essentials. Raffi went to school too in case you are wondering.

    They opened the doors and Evie was the first one inside her classroom. She was so excited to see the slide and lots of little chairs. Evie loves chairs more than any kid that I know. She figured out really quickly that this must be too good to be true and that Mommy was leaving. Then, the tears starting falling which broke my heart but I gave her a kiss and left quickly like the parent handbook suggested. I am such a rule follower that I have to follow directions.

     It felt so great to leave her in a fabulous fun classroom with great teachers. I had time to run 7 errands. Amazing! I felt footloose and fancy free but missed my Evie so much.

    Evie was so happy to see me when I walked in the door. She practically leaped into my arms and wanted to show me around her classroom. Ms. Linda and Ms. Lori loved Evie and thought she was really sweet. They told me that Evie loved the walk in the jumbo stroller and thought the music class was really fun. She rang her bell and listened to the song that the teacher was teaching. We made it through our first day and I did not even have to call to check in with the director!

   Evie napped for two hours until she got her leg stuck in the crib. That made her pretty mad so we just went outside to have our snack and play a little bit. Our sweet neighbor, Erin,  came over to play with Evie.  Erin is 9 but almost 10. Evie had a blast with Erin. She kept looking at me with a big smile like she could not believe how lucky she was to have Erin at her house. Erin told me that she had planned to go play with Caroline and Milicent next door but that Evie seemed like more fun. She also told me that we were her third best customer for Girl Scout cookies. That cracked me up and made me miss teaching 4th grade. What a fun age! Maybe she will come back tomorrow.


  1. So glad that the first day at MMO went so well for both you and Evie!

  2. Glad to hear she had a good first day. She looks so cute in her dress and piggy tails.

  3. So glad it went well! She looks adorable! Where did her precious pink dress come from?


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