Friday, September 24, 2010

Birthday Cupcakes

Evie and I had a low-key but after nap I had a surprise for Evie. We went to see Abby and to celebrate her 2nd birthday. It was so fun to eat delicious cupcakes that were beautifully decorated and chat together. Evie and Abby wasted no time devouring their cupcakes. They had cupcake everywhere and on everything. They looked so adorable! Evie is wild about Abby. She hugs her, kisses her, and even pulled her hair (OUCH) to show her adoration for her friend. It's so cute to see but it must be so overwhelming to Abby. 

   I just cannot believe that Abby is 2. It seems like yesterday that Maura called me to say that Abby was born and that she was a girl. I was so excited since I knew that Evie was going to be a girl. It's so fun to see Abby and Evie grow such a sweet friendship.

   Evie was not happy to be in the car and let me know it. Nothing was making her happy and it was quite difficult to concentrate on driving.

   Carl was waiting for Evie in the yard when we got home and that made her so excited. They literally ran circles around the house and even played a little basketball.

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