Monday, September 27, 2010

Change of plans

Our day started off with a change in plans. We were supposed to go to the zoo with some friends but there was a 75% chance of rain. I canceled the zoo trip and we met some friends for breakfast at Chick fil A. Evie had a ball playing in the play area and I had fun chatting with the moms. It still has not rained!

   We came home and played outside. Evie is really into running so we ran around the yard for a bit. She ate tons of lunch and went down for the count.

   She woke up saying, bye bye so we went to run a few errands. Our sweet friend Maura had her twin girls this morning so we went to get them a gift and to get Evie a few things. Evie found the table of Raffi's again and every single Raffi was on the floor within minutes. I was a little embarrassed but the owner told me that every single child under 2.5 that comes in the store does that because they recognize their lovey from home. Evie got a new Raffi because we have lost one.

   We came home for some more outdoor fun and a walk to the park. Evie was upset that the airplanes flew away. Carl got home after Evie ate dinner so they played otuside some more. Evie would be thrilled to live outside. It's her favorite spot. Maybe the rain will come tomorrow . . . our grass seed needs some H2O.

   Evie sure has changed since this time last year!

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  1. What a precious picture! We need to order at least one more Giraffi since we only have one. Do you rotate them or does she have them all at once? Giraffi takes a regular dip in the washer but I'm afraid she'll get dingy one day.


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