Sunday, September 5, 2010

You are my blue sky, you are my sunny day

We had a great day hanging out at home. Evie woke up bright and early this morning so we headed out for a walk about 7:15. It was so cool that we wore jackets which was kind of fun since it was the first time. Jackets quickly lose their appeal when they become a daily necessity.

  We played with Evie and tried to keep her entertained since she was so tired. Carl took her outside and she was standing on the bench laughing at the kids next door. Millicent told her mom that Evie got to play outside all by herself. She did not see Carl but that just made me laugh so hard imagining those girls thinking Evie was outside by herself. Evie went down for her nap a little before noon and slept for more than four hours. Evie was still tired from hanging out with Abby last night.

   I took a nap too and cleaned up the house a little. Carl mowed the grass and researched grass seed for our yard. After nap, we headed out to explore for a bit. We found a new cupcake store called Sparkle. It was close to our house but not even close to the best cupcake in Nashville. Evie seemed to like it pretty good though! We drove around a little and then decided to stop at the Fresh Market for a few things. They had the cutest little baby spiral hams so we bought one of those and a few other things. Evie was in such a good mood after her long nap. She just giggled all the way home. It's so cute to see her turning into a silly little girl.

    We enjoyed some more time outside and then it was time for Evie to go to bed. Carl is grilling some chicken and we are going to have a relaxing night at home.

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  1. Jackets?! That sounds divine!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,


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