Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up!

Our weekends are just too busy these days! We tried cutting a few things out but still feel like we are always going. Evie is covered in bug bites so we tried to keep her inside more but it is so hard to stay inside when the weather is so gorgeous.

   Yesterday, we took a walk to the park and then ran a few errands. We are trying to find some shoes for Evie to wear to a wedding next weekend. Carl has a map of Tennessee that he wants framed but it is 65 inches long. It's been a challenge to find a framer that can get glass that long. We may have found someone yesterday and are waiting to hear back.

   Evie played outside with the neighbors and had so much fun. She just loves that they are so interested in her now. All we ever hear from her is "side" so we can go find her friends. Our sweet little babysitter came over last night so we could go on a date. She wants to go to College of Charleston! We knew we liked her but that just made our night.

   Carl and I had a quick diner out at the Sportsman Lodge. It was filled with lots of Tennessee fans so that was fun.  Carl was so thrilled because he felt like he was in Wyoming instead of Tennessee. After dinner, we ran a few errands and got some gelato. It was so delicious with homemade hot fudge sauce. I was in heaven! Evie did not even notice that we were gone. One of these days we need to leave when she's still awake.

   Evie slept until almost 8:30 this morning which was so nice! We took another walk and then stayed home. I had some work around the house and made some cake balls for a cookout that my MOMs club had tonight.

   Evie took a nap and then played with her friends. One of the triplets was worried that Evie did not like her. Carl assured her that Evie did in fact like her very much.  We went to the cookout around 5 and a great time. It was CRAZY trying to keep up with Evie while socializing with others and trying to scarf down some food. Carl got a little taste of what it is like to keep up with Evie on a daily basis. Evie had a blast playing with the kids and running into the woods. She has this little friend Ci Ci and we hear that name all day, every day. Evie has decided that any big girl is a "Ci Ci" which is so funny to us. Evie was running after a girl tonight shouting Ci Ci but the girl was not Ci Ci so she did not pay Evie one bit of attention. We had lots of yummy food and appreciate Christina and Ed opening their home to a HUGE group of moms, dads and kids!  What a fabulous night.

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  1. Busy weekend! I always feel like, too...everything is so fun that it's hard to cut anything out. I'm impressed that you made the cake balls again. I might have to give those a try; I've seen lots of people blogging about them! Cake and icing is always delicious.


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