Thursday, September 9, 2010

Purple highlights, anyone?

Evie has slept late all week! Let's hope this continues now that Carl is back in town. He had to go to Pensacola for work. We almost went but decided it'd be too much work for me to wrangle Evie solo on the beach.

  Evie and I were busy getting ready this morning. She was so excited to find an old, empty tube of lipstick in the trashcan. Houdini was able to use the remnants of the tube to create her own version of purple highlights in her blond, curly locks. Pink lipstick streaked in blond hair makes for some really striking purple highlights. Some people pay good money for this type of treatment! I was not thrilled about Evie's new look and tried to clean her up before dropping her at MMO this morning.

   Evie was not happy to be at school and kicked and cried as I left the room. I let the teachers know about her new do so they would not think that I had done this to Evie's hair. Some parents think it's cute but that's not my thing. I had a nice time running a few errands while Evie was at school. Costco is really big here so I took the plunge and joined. I am a little nervous about getting enough use out of it but they have some really great deals!

   Evie was so happy to see me when I picked her up! She ran and jumped into my arms and was anxious to show me her hammer. Ms. Lori and Ms. Linda told me that Evie turned off the tears before I was out of the parking lot and did great! They also told me that the music teacher and bible teacher commented on Evie's purple hair. I tried to capture it on camera but was not that successful!

   Evie struggled to go down for nap after school. It took 20 minutes of chattering to Raffi and me going in twice to rescue Raffi from being thrown overboard before she finally fell asleep.

   I decided to clean up a little before Carl got home and made some cake balls for Bunco tonight They taste yummy already but cake mixed with icing guarantees happiness in my book. It will be so nice to stroll down two houses from mine for a fun game of Bunco. Games are not my favorite pastime but I go for the food and fellowship!

  Evie slept until 4 since MMO wears her out! She helped me finish the cake balls and sampled a few to make sure the quality was up to par. We played outside until the bugs attacked us. That's one thing that's good about fall is that the mosquitos begin to diminish as it gets cooler.

Not much longer until the weekend! That's something to look forward to for sure.

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  1. I love Bunco! And any excuse to eat party food for that matter!


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