Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fun Day

Evie and I had a really good day. It was a bit chilly when we woke up at 48 degrees. Evie and I decided that a breakfast of warm blueberry muffins would be nice so we set to work making them bright and early. They were so yummy and it's so cute to see my little girl with blueberry all over the place. She loves to help in the kitchen.

   We hung out around the house reading books, playing with dolls and singing songs. She watched a few You Tube videos of toddler songs such as Raffi and the Wiggles. It's one way to keep her occupied while I get dressed. I started a 5 minute video for her and then she toddled down the hall to find me when it was over. Evie will not sit still for TV but she loves music. I love that it gives me a chance to get dressed by myself!

   Tuesday's are story time at the library. Evie loves the songs at the beginning and she made it half way through the book before deciding that she'd rather go visit her owl. Totally normal for her age! We played at the train table and met a new friend.

    We walked to the park and had a little photo shoot in the leaves. Evie was not so sure at first but then she really got into it throwing leaves over her head. Notice her cute Hanna Andersson outfit. I bought it last year and it fit her fine That's one great outfit when you get two seasons from one outfit at this age. Hanna Andersson clothing is measured in centimeters and allows for a lot of growth. Evie wore an 80 last year and this year I will buy her a 90 which should still fit next fall. Hanna's wear really well and are super comfortable - not to mention they are adorable. They are having a terrific sale right now so it's a good time to check it out.

   Evie protested her nap for a few minutes before falling asleep. We played outside and Millicent came over to collect acorns with Evie. She said we have more acorns than anyone else in the neighborhood. Our bumper crop of squirrels are already on to that information.

    Carl had a dinner meeting so it was just us girls tonight. Dinner is always interesting when Carl is not here. Evie had tortellini, nachos with salsa, banana with peanut butter and some apple sauce. What a combination! I gave her a bath and she had a grand time playing with her boat. Evie usually hops in the shower with her Daddy so I was not sure how bath time would go tonight. Evie's in bed and it's time for me to get a few things done. Hope you are enjoying the crisp temperatures and the beautiful colors of the foliage at your home.


  1. evie is such a doll! isnt it amazing to see how much they change in just a year?!? definitely checking out the hanna andersson site - thx!
    LOVE the first picture of her....she looks like she is having the time of her life :)

  2. I love everything about these shots!
    I must admit that I am lamenting fall from the tropical heat in Hong Kong!
    Love & Blessings,

  3. I love the grin she has while eating her food. Love, Carl

  4. I'm glad you mentioned the Hanna dress. We had one last Spring, too, but I put it up without even thinking about it. The leggings may be too little, but I bet the dress will still work with tights! I'll have to get it down when I go dig my fall clothes out of the attic!

    I haven't read Laura Bush's book yet, but I do admire her a lot. I saw her on Larry King one night talking about the book and she actually ended up saying that she disagreed with her husband on some issues like gay marriage and abortion. I agree more with George, but it was neat that she had the courage to say that on national TV!

  5. Yes, the first picture is quintessential "toddler" - lovin' life!

    I'm so glad for the fall-like weather!


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