Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up!

We had a very low-key weekend. Carl aerated and seeded our yard which was a huge undertaking! He loves that kind of thing though so he was as happy as a clam. It looks great already and hopefully some little grasslings will be popping up soon.

    I got a lot of cleaning done while Evie napped. There's something about a clean fridge that just makes me so happy. We headed to Costco after nap time to get a few things. It looks like we will not need to buy outdoor trash bags or dishwasher detergent for a VERY long time.

    Evie slept until almost 8 both days which was so nice! Carl took Evie jogging and then we took a walk to the park. Our legs are so sore but that's probably a good thing.

   We went to Toys R Us to get a present for a little one and then we headed to the Halloween store. Evie is still undecided about her Halloween costume this year. She just is not sure if she wants to be a lion, an elephant or a peanut. We took Evie to get her first smoothie at Smoothie King. She loved having her own cup and thought it was so delicious.

   We came home and played outside. It has been such a gorgeous weekend! Evie wore some fall clothes and I wore my jeans for the first time. Carl is still in shorts but he wears shorts most of the year. We had seven kids in our backyard and an assortment of parents and one puppy dog. Evie was thrilled and did not pay us one bit of attention. She just loves all of these big kids! We do too because it gives us a break. Evie will be getting a little roller coaster from Declan and Erin this week so that's another great surprise. We love hand-me downs!

   We had one of our dinner swap meals tonight. It was stuffed shells with sausage, spinach and cheese. We all loved it! Evie loved about two bites but we loved a lot more than two bites. I have received a few questions about my dinner swap. Here's how I did it: I emailed about 8 of my friends and asked them if they wanted to participate. I set a date to swap, set the perimeters of the meal as frozen and enough food for 4 adults. We met at the park before our monthly social and swapped meals. I tripled my favorite recipe for Chicken and Wild Rice casserole, packaged it in disposable freezer pans, and labeled it with cooking directions. I came home with lots of yummy dinners so it was a success. All of our meals have been delicious and it has saved me lots of time in the kitchen and cut down my trips to the grocery store. Can't wait to do a dinner swap again in Novemeber. Hope your week gets off to a great start!

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  1. We wore some fall clothes this weekend, too! A bit prematurely, perhaps, but it was so fun to put some leggings on Molly and wear jeans myself!


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