Tuesday, September 21, 2010

21 Years ago . . .

Hurricane Hugo struck the Carolina's. I was in 4th grade and Carl was in the 10th grade. My solar system project was due and my mom stayed up late helping me complete the project. My brother slept right through it and I was worried that a tree would fall on him while he was sleeping. Carl lived in Pawleys Island and was fascinated by the hurricane. His family had to evacuate from their home. They drove about 60 miles inland and the roof of their hotel came flying off in the night. There was a Huddle House when they checked in the hotel that was gone when they checked out. They came home to a huge mess in Pawleys Island with the Red Cross canvassing their street. They lost lots of Christmas ornaments and pictures. They also found other peoples items floating in their creek. Hurricane Hugo shaped Carl's life in so many ways and created his fascination with all things weather. It did not really change my life so much. I remember going to the grocery store with my dad and people using chain saws to get through the roads. We were out of school for two weeks which was pretty crazy considering we were so far from the coast. At that time, it was the most destructive hurricane to ever hit the United States. That record was changed three years later when Hurricane Andrew hit during Carl's first week at the College of Charleston. My Weather Wacko provided me with that fact just to clear up any confusion. I had to evacuate the College of Charleston my sophomore year due to a hurricane too. It's hard to believe that Hurricane Hugo was 21 years ago. That's one thing about Tennessee is hurricanes are pretty much out of the realm of possibility.


  1. Wow, I didn't realize yesterday was the anniversary of Hurricane Hugo. I, too, lived in NC and remember being without power for weeks! I slept through most of the storm that night. Thanks for writing about this! It's fun (not fun in a funny way, but you know...) to remember when things happened from our childhood and what the exact circumstances were.

  2. Wow...21 years ago means I was only seven when Hugo hit. I remember my mom frantically clearing out the big closet under the stais so we'd have a safe place if needed. We stood out on the screen porch as the eye moved over and our crazy neighbor, Steve Vazquez, was a news anchor and he was out in the neighborhood getting live footage of the damage.


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