Monday, September 6, 2010

I think I am going to like it here!

We had a super lazy day at home and it was fabulous! Evie slept until 8 which got our day off to a terrific start. We took another long morning walk but jackets were not needed this morning. It was about 60 degrees compared to yesterday's 48 degrees but we got a much later start this morning.

   Evie had two tantrums today. She is obsessed with Popsicles and holds the freezer and yells pop. Soon, those screams turn into tears which then turns into a VERY mad little girl. Evie just did not understand why we do not eat Popsicles at 10:15 in the morning.

    We went outside for a little distraction! Our neighbor Ashley was cleaning out closets and gave Evie a little table and chairs along with a step stool for the bathroom. Rachel is giving us their old kitchen set. We are really racking up having the youngest kid on the block. Our luck may be ending soon because the house across from us just sold and a two year old and four year old are moving in a few weeks. That's okay, there is more than enough stuff for us all and we are so excited about another little kid.

   We took a few things to the recycling center, drove around to see the Brentwood Hills view and then showed Evie's school to her Daddy. That's what started the next tantrum, she cried all the way home wanting to go to school! I was impressed that she remembered it so well after only one day at school. School is one of her favorite words so we are used to hearing it a lot but she was not happy at all. It's  pretty difficult to reason with a 19 month old so we tried distraction again.

    We enjoyed dinner outside to celebrate Labor Day. Carl grilled ribs. Evie ate tomatoes and rolls for dinner. Guess, she's not into ribs yet. That's okay, that leaves more for us!


  1. those picture cracked me up! she and libbi would get along well....libbi would also love to have a popsicle at 10am and she has a flair for the dramatic, too :)

  2. Gotta love a temper tantrum...we've been experiencing some of those lately, too. The most recent one was when it was time to come inside for dinner. You would have thought the world was ending because she couldn't push her toy all over the yard anymore.


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