Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fun with Friends

Evie and I had a leisurely morning at home reading the paper, drinking oj and watching the big kids go to school. We always change the sheets on Wednesday and that is Evie's favorite chore. She hangs out at the end of the bed and jumps in the pile of sheets and cuddles in the duvet cover. It's so funny to watch her having so much fun with something so simple.

   Conductor Jack was at Whole Food's this morning. We love his music and it was so cute seeing Evie engaged in the show. She followed directions when he gave instructions about touching body parts. Of course, she found time to pass out a few kisses and to share her goldfish with some friends. Evie and I also split a blueberry muffin since it's pretty hard to convince Evie not to get a fun snack when everyone has one. Not that it takes much to convince me to get a muffin. Check out Whole Foods on the first Tuesday of the month for .10 cookies - that would be next Tuesday folks. That's a real deal and so yummy. Our favorite are oatmeal chocolate chip. They were passing out Annie's Organic Fruit Snacks after the show. Pretty good strategy with such a captive audience. Evie loved them so I bought her a bag. We eat fairly healthy around here and try to avoid too much processed food but it's so expensive. One bag of the fruit snacks with 24 tiny packs was over $6. Maybe high fructose corn syrup is not to so bad after all. Just kidding . . . sorta.

   Evie and I had a few returns to make at the mall and then we enjoyed a delicious lunch at Chick Fil A. Gymboree was having a huge sale with everything 30% off. It's a good time to stock up for fall. Evie and I came home and played for a bit before nap time.

     Evie fell asleep and I was not far behind her. She had a short nap today - only two hours so then we left for a play date at Logan's house. My check engine light started flashing on the way there which made me so nervous so I stopped at the Jeep dealership. It only blinked a few times so they were not too worried. Bob, my trusty mechanic, told me that I probably had some bad gas in the car. Let's hope that was the problem.After that we headed to the play date, it was so fun to see the kids playing but we had fun reminiscing about much easier it used to be back when they could not move.

   Carl was home by the time we got back to the house. He played with Evie outside and I tried a new recipe. Not sure we liked it but it was an easy dinner. It was some kind of pork taco filling with salsa, molasses, garlic and BBQ sauce. Evie did not approve at all! She barely ate a thing. Her Ipop sent her some airplane books which are just fascinating to her. It's so cute to read them to her because she keeps pointing her little finger at the sky because that's where airplanes live.

    Evie starts Mother's Morning Out in the morning. I am a little sad but mostly excited to have three hours to myself for the first time in 19 months! It's going to go so quickly and I will hardly know what to do with myself.

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  1. Enjoy your first morning alone! You will enjoy your time with Evie even more!


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